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- brand development
- creative direction
- social media
- visual media 
- website development


Ice-O-Matic is a 100 million dollar company with international brand recognition. The foundation was there but Ice-O-Matic needed to develop a contemporary presence that suited its historied success and industry leadership. 

creative direction, photography, videography, design

Nest Café Article

Nest Cafe was an opportunity to position Ice-O-Matic as a premium, modern brand. Ice-O-Matic's positioning in the market has increasingly catered to a higher price point. By developing a luxury image, Ice-O-Matic can better demonstrate product value to their customers.


Ice-O-Matic App

copywriting, creative direction

Ice-O-Matic's new mobile app is an industry leading service tool set to position their CIM series ice machines as the world's premiere ice maker for service, operator autonomy, and machine cleanliness.

SafeIce Video

creative direction, copyrwriting, sales direction

Ice-O-Matic recently released a purification add-on to their CIM series cuber line. SafeIce is a UV system which passively cleans the machine from the bin to the evap. Properly advertising this product was vital to the success of launch. As a cleaning product it was important to accurately convey what SafeIce did and didn't do as well as the effects of SafeIce on the ice machine and ice produced.

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