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simple dreams

of eternal discontent

We all have dreams. Everyone fosters aspiration. We yearn insatiably; we covet what we perceive to lack. Contentedness is a rare feeling, and fleeting.  These dreams of greener pastures often grow uninhibited to represent a perceived pinnacle. These perceptions so rarely lend the relief we seek. Every achievement becomes simply a false summit, another platform from which a new desire may be found.  Rarely does reality line up with our romantic notions. Our utopian aspirations are sullied by harsh truths. This series is a visual representation of the dreams we seek, and the discontent we discover embedded within.

Each image is intended to represent a dream we often see as the ultimate. Surely if one were to achieve this ideal, they would discover completion of self and fullness of heart; this is an easy lie to hold dear. The images are developed as a dream state, not fully centered in reality and vaguely ominous. Each piece is not the idealistic dream we seek, but the blissful notion too often found riddled with grim realities.

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